Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Hello Again Old Friends!

So it has been a while since I've last been in touch and my sincerest apologies to all those silent readers out there who enjoy my blog!!

So what's been happening? A lot! Basically since we last spoke I finished my second year at university and am now enjoying my summer holidays while prepping for year 3.. but in between that and my job I have been exercising so do not panic all is not lost!!!

I decided - hold your breath - to join a gym.. During the summer months its become a lot easier to join a gym rather than just relying on work out dvds and reasonably good weather to run in! So I've been able to row, cycle and use the cross trainer as well as gather more expertise and more use out of weights and core workouts since using the gym. And my dreaded detest of the treadmill is finally being lifted! I've hated treadmill as I've always found them dull, you're not moving anywhere and it feels as if they are only there for fitness not enjoyment. But over the last couple of months as my weight loss has continued and my fitness has increased I have been able to utilise the treadmill to work on my speed and I love it!! I've been able to throw all my passion into something again and I've enjoyed every second of it! It gives me targets and goals! But one piece of advice I must share is to put your workout towel over the top of the treadmill to hide the time and calories otherwise you find yourself focusing on an end whereas, when you are on the road you simply have the route and you can choose how far you go by destination, not time. So all round it's been a success.

In July, you will have been no stranger to the fact I also ran a 10K Race, if you read my blog or are a friend of mine, you will know that I have been pestering/ asking kindly for donations and was astonished to reach £177! I was therefore determined to run a great race. But at this point my training had not gone so well, and the weather was increasingly becoming hotter. I had no clue as to how I would fair, but I had told people not to get there hopes up, I would complete the 10K but perhaps walk it and take it at a slow pace.

Race Day came and I had never been so nervous before but the support was incredible and to those who came for me made me run that race - the temperature was almost unbearable but I jogged/ran the whole way and in a time of 1hr 30 mins I was pretty chuffed to have said I had done it!

thank you to all who helped me raise money for a fantastic charity and to all my family and friends who came to support me that day :) xxxx

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