Monday, 8 April 2013

When the going gets tough...

I have been sapped of all kinds of motivation these couple of weeks!

having the edge of a bug does not make that any easier, work, blogging, and running have all been at a minimal for me so I greatly apologies!

My last run was on Friday and it is now Monday (tut) I should have got my ass out yesterday but instead went for a traditional walk with the parents up a hill which is vertical... Ok so a little bit of stamina building there surely? I need to sort myself out and buck my ideas up! Its not all been down to an illness, but I've also been drained emotionally, it's been a couple of weeks of overwhelming things and running always helps with that but not this time. I just need to tell myself how lucky I am, because I know I am I just need to buck my ideas up and say Sally, you know what its ok to have a down day or two. But stop being an idiot and move on! Life can only get better if you make it do so!

So, off I go, to kick start life in an upwards direction!

Choi for now!!! ;)

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