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Friday, 15 March 2013

You don't need to rest you need to work harder!

Ahh the simple words of my spin instructor. If only it really was that simple! 

This week I pulled a muscle in one of my legs pretty badly that I found it hard to walk let alone run! And with so many essays going on at the moment and lots of work I found it hard not to get some piece of mind by going for my usual morning run! So instead I took to the spin class (Its ok as it is not impact exercise) 
Well, if I wasn't tired, sweaty, warn out before I can guarantee you 100 times over I was after.. You know that scene in 'Run Fat Boy Run' where he goes to a spin class and as he is about to leave he falls down the stairs like a tonne of bricks? I didn't but if I had seen that film and prepared myself for the worst I would have! I've done spin before but since running has taken over my life it was what I concentrated on the most! But I suppose no pain no gain!
Today though, was my first day back on the road after exactly a week after my muscle spasm and it was hard work. I managed a 5k which I am chuffed with as getting out the door was hard enough. But I forgot just how much I missed it! 
It was great fun and although the pain is still there, all I need to do was think of that spin class and I am back on the move again!!

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