Sunday, 24 March 2013

Some Days are Bad Days

Back home, and its great and the one thing I love about it the most is being able to have more confidence exploring new routes. And hills! So many hills its actually ridiculous! But... Today I had planned for a 10K. So I prepped got myself ready downed my Green Tea and embraced the cold. A new Ipod playlist - which always gets me more excited knowing I have new songs and new paces to work with them.. But it just wasn't my day! The weather was freezing I was in a top mood from various little things and I was so excited to just run away by myself for a little while.

Some days, even when you think you want to run you just can't I managed 1.55 measly miles, pathetic eh?! I just stopped I just couldn't be bothered to keep running. And I was so angry with myself because I've been given this opportunity to get out there with no deadline to get back and I just stopped?! I mean it could've been the cold blah blah blahahh but my heart and mind as much as I wanted it to be just wasn't in it.

And all I have to say, is when you have days like that, forget about them and whatever you do don't think about them when you next run, you can do it! Sometimes you just need a rest!

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