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Friday, 8 March 2013

How powerful can a song REALLY be??

7am alarm goes off.. I don't think so mate not today. back to bed. 9am. Get up Sally go for a sodding run!
And that's how my morning began. The last 10k I did was last Friday, with a busy weekend and interval running and workout DVDs today was the first chance I had to improve my time since a week of weight loss and hardcore cardio. Could I improve? Yea bitch!!! By 10 minutes I could!!!
So.. I did a more intense route, practically vertical hills, traffic and puddles and rain to get through. And yet I still managed to cut 10 minutes off my average pace. Taken into account I lost 3 pounds this week and I had been working up my cardio strength and weights,  I know that had a lot to do with it. However, I can't help but think... (so Carrie Bradshaw right there) how much impact does the music pounding through my eardrums have on my speed?
As I was running and getting closer and closer to the end it began to rain. It was disgusting and I was breathless, tired and beginning to get slightly uncomfortable.. Then out of nowhere, as if I had planned it, ELO Mr Blue Sky came on the Ipod... Not only is it my favorite song of all time but it is also upbeat and a great pacer for that last stretch. I couldn't help but laugh when I found myself running in the pouring rain to a song that was saying it was good to see the sun again after a while. Was it the irony that made it more enjoyable?

I cannot say how much of an impact that song had on me but as it played I changed course and went that extra bit further, I started to smile, and I leaped in desperation to the finish line.

Of course fitness is key and inevitably the most important part to speed. But music and your own state of mind (what little I have left of that anyway) will always helps push you through the worst bit! The bit you just can't help but want to stop. That's the point we need a crowd to support us and on our solitary runs during the week, for me, that's what music is, my very own supportive crowd!


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