Friday, 29 March 2013

Song of the Week

A brilliant song to keep you at a stead pace and to keep you motivated!

Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis

It really is a Good Friday...

I had the chance to do a long run today so that is what I did! I got up early, started my warm up and tried to forget about the last time I did the route I would attempt today! (See last blog post) Although, I did a good half hour on Wednesday in the snow and up hill, I was slightly apprehensive as to how it would turn out. I was expecting a slow pace and hopefully to do a whole 10K..

I managed 9.9K! Stopped only a short walk away from my personal finish line but was chuffed to bits. It was hard, I have to painful, agonising blisters on the BOTTOM of my feet?! Which doesn;t help with the mountains of other skin issues I'm having at the moment. But. I am happy! I did the majority of what I wanted to do! I was so scared that I had lost my touch and in a time of 1 hr 12 mins I've managed to knock more than 20 mins off my first 10K! So I cannot complain! Everything is slowly falling into place!!

But I'm not just doing this for nothing! I'm running Race For Life in July and I could really use your help!
I have unfortunately seen way too many friends and family affected by cancer. And if all of you who read this just donate one pound you will be helping an enormous amount and I will be eternally grateful :) Follow the link below :) Thank you!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Song of the Week

Anything Could Happen - Ellie Goulding . Just trust me on this.

Some Days are Bad Days

Back home, and its great and the one thing I love about it the most is being able to have more confidence exploring new routes. And hills! So many hills its actually ridiculous! But... Today I had planned for a 10K. So I prepped got myself ready downed my Green Tea and embraced the cold. A new Ipod playlist - which always gets me more excited knowing I have new songs and new paces to work with them.. But it just wasn't my day! The weather was freezing I was in a top mood from various little things and I was so excited to just run away by myself for a little while.

Some days, even when you think you want to run you just can't I managed 1.55 measly miles, pathetic eh?! I just stopped I just couldn't be bothered to keep running. And I was so angry with myself because I've been given this opportunity to get out there with no deadline to get back and I just stopped?! I mean it could've been the cold blah blah blahahh but my heart and mind as much as I wanted it to be just wasn't in it.

And all I have to say, is when you have days like that, forget about them and whatever you do don't think about them when you next run, you can do it! Sometimes you just need a rest!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Song of the Week

Need something to lift you up but keep a steady pace? Kids by MGMT is the perfect choice! It has a great beat and constantly uplifts my spirits!

You don't need to rest you need to work harder!

Ahh the simple words of my spin instructor. If only it really was that simple! 

This week I pulled a muscle in one of my legs pretty badly that I found it hard to walk let alone run! And with so many essays going on at the moment and lots of work I found it hard not to get some piece of mind by going for my usual morning run! So instead I took to the spin class (Its ok as it is not impact exercise) 
Well, if I wasn't tired, sweaty, warn out before I can guarantee you 100 times over I was after.. You know that scene in 'Run Fat Boy Run' where he goes to a spin class and as he is about to leave he falls down the stairs like a tonne of bricks? I didn't but if I had seen that film and prepared myself for the worst I would have! I've done spin before but since running has taken over my life it was what I concentrated on the most! But I suppose no pain no gain!
Today though, was my first day back on the road after exactly a week after my muscle spasm and it was hard work. I managed a 5k which I am chuffed with as getting out the door was hard enough. But I forgot just how much I missed it! 
It was great fun and although the pain is still there, all I need to do was think of that spin class and I am back on the move again!!

Friday, 8 March 2013

How powerful can a song REALLY be??

7am alarm goes off.. I don't think so mate not today. back to bed. 9am. Get up Sally go for a sodding run!
And that's how my morning began. The last 10k I did was last Friday, with a busy weekend and interval running and workout DVDs today was the first chance I had to improve my time since a week of weight loss and hardcore cardio. Could I improve? Yea bitch!!! By 10 minutes I could!!!
So.. I did a more intense route, practically vertical hills, traffic and puddles and rain to get through. And yet I still managed to cut 10 minutes off my average pace. Taken into account I lost 3 pounds this week and I had been working up my cardio strength and weights,  I know that had a lot to do with it. However, I can't help but think... (so Carrie Bradshaw right there) how much impact does the music pounding through my eardrums have on my speed?
As I was running and getting closer and closer to the end it began to rain. It was disgusting and I was breathless, tired and beginning to get slightly uncomfortable.. Then out of nowhere, as if I had planned it, ELO Mr Blue Sky came on the Ipod... Not only is it my favorite song of all time but it is also upbeat and a great pacer for that last stretch. I couldn't help but laugh when I found myself running in the pouring rain to a song that was saying it was good to see the sun again after a while. Was it the irony that made it more enjoyable?

I cannot say how much of an impact that song had on me but as it played I changed course and went that extra bit further, I started to smile, and I leaped in desperation to the finish line.

Of course fitness is key and inevitably the most important part to speed. But music and your own state of mind (what little I have left of that anyway) will always helps push you through the worst bit! The bit you just can't help but want to stop. That's the point we need a crowd to support us and on our solitary runs during the week, for me, that's what music is, my very own supportive crowd!


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Song of the Week

Kate Bush - Running up that Hill

Give yourself time to reflect on your run this week, this song is not only easy going but also pretty inspirational too to remind you why you are doing this.

The title is pretty useful too!

When Life Gives You Lemons

Today, I am having a bad day.. My self esteem is pretty low, I'm constantly hungry, and my body aches and craves sleep.

However, it is ok! Because the thing you can do, and the runners mindset that I have been able to build up, is to look forward. You start from the same spot, and you think I'm really not feeling this today. But you get up and you get in your kit. Because from the moment you wake up and know that today is a running day, that if you stay in bed, you will punish yourself later. The rest of the world doesn't care that you missed that measly run. But you do. Don't you?

Sometimes when I feel like that I just smile. Even if I'm not in the mood! I just look up and say 'Sally, if you don't run today you will feel guilty.' and I put on my trainers and leave the house. If I have a crap run, I move on, because at least I can say I had a crap run, rather than I didn't run at all.

Today, was my first real day of interval training. 10 runs 4 times with 2 minute walks in between, hard but good fun. I woke up bright and early at 7am and the first thing I noticed was the sun was coming through my curtains. Result! The first run in a while where I have been happy to get up so early for exercise! I get myself all ready and I head out the door.

I ran the park, my usual route, and for once I decided to take more time to appreciate the view. A scenic view with streams passing by and up early enough and out the door by 8 I saw no students, hardly any cars and I could hear the birds sing! I even saw a Kingfisher! At that moment, amongst all the anger, fear and panic that was previously rushing through my mind I just breathed. I breathed and I thought. Who cares? Because this feeling THIS feeling of possibility and freedom is why I feel guilty not running in the mornings or night or whenever. I don't just run to lose weight and keep fit. I run to keep happy, and remember the most important things in life.

Moral of the story? When life gives you lemons. Chop it up, put it in a martini and relax. After all, you deserve it!