Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Running Dehydration

I'm stressed out with so much work at the moment and so much going on in my life that I haven't had a chance to run since Friday. It is now Wednesday. And I fear that the next run I will have won't be until Saturday.

The dreaded scales once again will be there to face in a week and I really really want to lose 4 pounds but I'm scared that just won't happen! Why does life have to be so hectic?!
I have however, got great faith in myself to at least see a loss and today is a new day! Although I won't have the opportunity to run, I will have the chance to do a workout DVD and at least put on some sort of sweat!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Song of the Week!

So each week I plan to post a song that I have listened to on my run which has helped see me through a certain part.

Coming up to that grueling 4 mile mark on Friday I began to struggle. The sun was out the sweat was on and I knew just one mile more... But this song pushed me straight on through! I take the mick out of it but I actually LOVE it!


Sincerest Apologies

I have to make the biggest apology to all you lovely sexy runners out there! No excuse can be made for my lack of posting! How rude of me?!

However, I have kept up my running! And am now on track to completing a quick and successful 10k run in july for Race For Life! in case you fancied a cheeky sponsor! This year will be better than all the others! I have made such an effort trying to run for a brilliant cause and I really want to show my achievement too! I want to be able to say how I am trying so very hard to raise this money for a fantastic cause, something I fully believe in. I am going to run the whole thing and I have five months to get in the best shape of my life!!

On Friday I completed my 10K in 1 hour 33 minutes and I did struggle a little! I am happy to do this time if I finished without wanting to collapse so... first things first!

Dedication. If I really ant to do this I'm going to train very hard! I've been waking up early so I am able to fit each run into my day but I have to remember other exercise is crucial too! I know I am able to complete an easy 1 hour and 30 mins run by 5 months time. But I want to try and knock off as much time as I possibly can!

Any suggestions as to how to speeden up without killing yourself?

Also I'm introducing a new feature,.. Song of the week (See Above!)