Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Time = Patience

After Birthday Celebrations two weeks ago now I had, not only a downfall in food but also exercise. What's worse is I had asked for a smaller MP3 player to use on my runs rather than the one I currently own so I had two separate ones.. Instead of being 'lets get out there and use my new birthday present' I took the route of getting all giddy and uploading new songs onto it. And Bam. That was it. Just sat listening to my new Ipod without even registering what I actually wanted it for!
Today however, I decided a detox was needed! I woke up at 7am did some work drank half a pint of water got up ate porridge with water instead of milk (suits me better on longer runs) and my flatmates and I went on a long run - 45 minutes of pure bliss! I thought I would struggle with 10 and yet the new Ipod, the excitement of getting back outside, the air, the company all collided into what I felt was a fantastic run! 5k!
It was intense and exciting and now I'm ready to keep going back on track! All you need is to realise what you missed and it will all just come flowing back as if you never stopped!