Sunday, 21 October 2012

Let's Hear it for the Arms!

So on Friday evening I took my usual indoor cycling class - 45 minutes of pure hardcore workout, we did press ups and squats on the bike for all of 5 minutes then moved on to bust out the sprints standing up and sitting down! Then I realised. Why do we focus so much attention on our legs? Look at Legs Bums and Tums for example, it's about about the lower half of your body. We use our legs for everything! Look at this blog! LEGS LEGS LEGS!!! So therefore, I dedicate the rest of this blog to arms - the unspoken hero of the upper body!

I find so many people say I don't like my legs but I feel lucky I am able to use mine and so on and so forth. But then when it comes to arms I only hear 'Bingo Wings' and 'Hairy Arms' and all that kind of talk.. Where are all the pros?! I noticed it at spin because I felt so sorry for my legs after going for an almighty run the day before and here I was sprinting like a mad woman. But it's not the legs I should have been feeling for it was my poor arms.. They only had boxing this week. So once a week they get full attention (and lets face it - that's not even enough!) so why are arms such a degenerate limb?! Where are the 'Hooray! I have arms - who cares about the flab on the side?! I'm not taking my arms for granted and I'm proud!!!'

So on this short thoughtful blog, please next time your slagging off your arms remember they have feelings too! Forget the legs for just a second of your time and just think about your arms they could do with some hard work too! When you run just swing them a bit!!

Till the next useless post

Sal xx

Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Perks of Having a Running Partner

Last week my flatmate and running and blogging enthusiast took the plunge to run together! A big decision for me as I really hate running with other people! I love people, don't get me wrong I love working with people and I'm a massive team player but my greatest running partner is my Ipod. Simply because it keeps me at an able place and gets me motivated when I need it most! When I run with people I find the opposite, purely a fault on my part - when it comes to fitness I like to think I'm pretty fit so will do all that is in my power to match that person! 

There are only two people in this world I can run with - Katie, one of my sisters (I've always found her a great inspiration, something that I will never forget is her desperation to make me keep going in that last 500m at 5K Race For Life, something I'm pretty sure I could not do without her), and my Mum, mainly I run with her in my mind, when I'm on my own I think of her constantly and her need to be at her best, even though she had a back operation and was told she would never walk let alone run! It's because of her I'm the passionate runner I am today! 

Until now... I now have three people I can run with. Say hello to Mrs Number 3 - Abbi! Welcome to my esteemed group Miss Tanton! You help me to pick up my pace while equally I help slow hers down. She was the first person that I have ever run with without my Ipod - which is a massive step for me - not only that but I found it satisfying! This morning we went for a 30 minute run and it was beautiful, I ended up somewhere I have never run before and I was so fantastic to have the confidence to go out of my comfort zone because I knew I wasn't running alone! It means, that now, whenever I run I can take that route on my own or not which is a great thing to learn!! I loved every second of it and know that it can be a lasting running friendship!

So.. if you're new to the sport and needs some SUPPORT (see what I did there?) then find a running partner! It doesn't even have to be someone you like very much! But it's a way to make sure you do go out and run and making sure you socialise and enjoy it so it no longer becomes a chore, and a way to meet new people! To be shy, its a great way to kick the runners wall!