Sunday, 16 September 2012

Oh What A Beautiful Mornin'

A morning run is without doubt my favourite way to start a day! And today was no different!
Its empty on the streets not having to dodge people - only other runners but you're able to give them the runners code - that secret smile that only you and they really understand! You have no cars - just the odd one so when you run you feel a little bit like a Greek Goddess .. You know no pollution, just simple, clean air (anyway that's what I tell myself). And the air is so crisp and new, like you are the first one to breathe it in. I'm always constantly amazed by the skill of my body. I walk out the house freezing cold because of the early morning atmosphere and I start running and I get warmer..I know I know its an easy thing to comprehend because it's such a natural process but it is so wonderful knowing that your body is sooo brilliant!

And it's little things like that, that make an early morning run feel so grateful for everything! An the best thing? You still have a whole day to go! You can spend the day knowing that you had the mst extraodinary run that morning, knowing that you ran the same route you always do after work, or the route you know so well because its in your area. But you know, and only you, know how beautiful the world really is when you go out for a run at some stupid hour in the morning. You have the feeling that the whole world is your oyster, and if this is what your usual running spot looks like at 7am in the morning imagine, imagine what the world looks like. The sunrise and the crisp air, in places of the world that you only dare to dream of but know that it could be in your future when you take that first step out the house.
Warning, however, people may start to question your smile and if you don't have a valid answer there could be trouble....

Monday, 3 September 2012

I Run To Stay Happy

Hello fellow runners!

Sorry for my distance lately! Life has been so hectic but I promise I haven't lost my running mojo!!
Apart from being attacked by a mildly large dog I had a fantastic run yesterday! I went far and wide but the pesky dog made me cut it short. Now don't get me wrong I love dogs - I'm a dog owner. But as a runner, people who keep their dogs of the lead and laugh at you when they can tell they have scared the beejebus out of you as well as biting off your ankle (slight exaggeration) deserve to not have any enjoyment (once again with the exaggeration).
Anyway, I went for 20 minutes so a relatively short one and the only thing that ached at the end was my mouth. From the constant smile that was plastered across my face! I must have looked a real pleb running down the street with a huge grin on my face!
Mainly because when  I run I go into my own little world.. I pretend I'm basically in an episode of 'Doctor Who' (which is usual because I love love LOVE running to the soundtack that Murray Gold has so beautifully devised!) I am the companion and I'm running away (they love to run in Doctor Who) and I run. If I believe that, then yes I am a little strange but it makes me happy it makes me feel as though running isn't exercise. It isn't a chore. It's fun! And I love it! So (if there is anyone out there reading this) What is your running mantra? Do you need a little something to make you run that last leg?

What I may suggest - and as much as I dislike advertising is to try the soundtracks from Doctor Who - they are an incredible running soundtrack! My personal favourites are 'Song of Freedom' and 'Vale Decem'

worth a shot!

Until next time!

Happy Running!!