Thursday, 26 July 2012

I Love to Run Because I can conquer the world

I am very sweaty and very hot (no this isn't an extract from 50 Shades) I just completed a 23 minute run my fastest time on this particular route so far. But the heat was extraordinary 22 Degrees and wearing all black all lycra running kit is not the most comfortable situation to put yourself in..

But heres the deal I'm about to tell you about my biggest flaw and how running has heled me conquer it (hence the title).

I am the most self concious person I have ever met. I know, there are a hell of a lot of people in fact everyone who will have something they want to change about themselves. But right now - since the beginning of this year I have really begun to hate my body - my weight and skin especially - seemingly whenever I am naughty and eat a treat - infact just looking at a chocolate bar my skin will erupt into a mountain of spots and I will gain around have a stone.. It's not an ideal situation to be in. Stopping in every shop window and pulling your top down to hide every inch of skin. Even running today I was pulling my top down to hide my belly.

And yet. My mum, My sisters, My dad, My friends will tell me - not because I moan but because it is pretty obvious how I feel - that I look great, I am not fat and my skin is looking better than ever. But the three moments in my life - which unfortunate timing led to all happen this year when I was at my lowest, when I was called 'fat' and 'chubby' have stuck with me. They have dug deep inside of me and made me feel disgusting. I can recall the time, place and event of all these occassions but not a single one of when my family and friends handed me compliments. The amount of Doctors who have inspected, poked and prodded at my skin - prescribed me a thousand and one treatments to get rid of my spots have brought me to the point of fear of even entering a clinic. Because I have gone with the intention so many times of not wanting to see them about my skin and time and time again it is brought up. And there I am, once again, left lonely and insecure about every inch of me. Because of a few minor people - using my insecurities to escape their own.

The other day I made a core decision that enough was enough. I would lose weight, and with that my skin would follow. I am not fat but I am hardly skinny. I just want to feel happy. I want to feel what I feel whenever I exercise.

When I run or go to the gym I become a Superhero. I see myself as this fit goddess who can achieve anything and I do. I go into that class or step onto the road and I leave my body - I may not be skinny but I am really fit and with that fitness I have confidence. I suddenly become aware of my ability - my insecurities do not matter - I am thrown into something I know well and every time I reach a new peak.. If I can reach this every time I do exercise I need to start seeing it in everyday life.
Because how can you expect other people to see the good in you if you can't even see it in yourself? The most compliments I ever receive? When I have just worked out!

Friday, 13 July 2012

All Hail Coconut Water...

So this morning I went for a 24 minute interval run - 5minute hard core 3 times and 3 times of 3 minute recovery in between. I decided to try the 'fad' of coconut water. I usually am the consumer health editors pry to. I spend a lot of money on people telling me how to get skinny and the best way to run even if it means spending money that isn't worth spending.
After buying it in a popular English health chain I decided it was best to try it on this interval training -- especially when I decided to use my treadmill which appears to be in some sort of horrific green house. it tasted - to put it politely, how I assume Cat wee would taste. But the more I drank the more I warmed to it.. I am still unsure as to whether I can keep drinking such a unusual tasting specimen especially on hard runs when I just want a taste othe than breathlessness and sweat in my mouth I'm not sure if Cat's piss is therefore the best option.

I took it upon myself to research it's goodness and it does appear to be good! It is 100% pure coconut water and you cannot deny that it really does hydrate your body, all I need is a few sips and I'm done until the next big sprint. But I potentially am still put off by its taste. I therefore, cannot argue with it as it is just a personal taste issue and no one else seems to have such an issue just me! It also is quite nice to have a change from the usual water or fizzy sports drink but at least the taste guarantees happiness with me!

I will, however, give it another chance and with this I plan to try the variations they have with Pinapple and Passionfruit. No harm I suppose?
The price? Was way too expensive but seen as I went to a specific health store that sell these things n every aspect I may try a supermarket that also sell them - for what it is I would not pay that kind of price unless I really felt the benefits but unless I hit a high flying job I will be leaving it up to the water to give me the hydration I need.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I Love Running Because... it lifts my mood

In a new trend I have decided to name every post to do with why I love running.. This week is all about the great mood lifter.

It's no great secret that being a teenager is not an easy ride. In fact at any age we have our problems. I have been so fed up lately, it could be a new spot, my weight, men, friends but believe me I will find any insecurity and pin point it. But the two thing that stops my mood escalating into something horrendous like the Hulk are my family and running.

Running is a weird feeling - it pumps the blood, increases your heart rate and makes you sweat like a bitch.. But I love it. It makes me feel in control - and sometimes thats all I need just a little bit of self control to take me back to a good place! I feel powerful, energetic and I forget the anger, upset or anxiety - I am in a place of content, somewhere I rarely visit in  everyday life. The headphones go in, the music goes on and my mind goes off. It goes to another world, explores a little bit of happiness, excitement and just pure bliss..

Thats what running does for me. And you?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Race for Life 2012

On the 17th June 2012 I completed my fastest ever time for Race for Life. In a time of  39 minutes I was very happy considering how little training I put in this year.

The biggest enjoyment:

I have no doubt or hesitation to know that it wasn't my time or that I ran the whole way but it was the atmosphere. I was astounded by the turn out and the orgnisaation of the event. Running through Gloucester town centre meant we had lots of support by onlookers the whole time which mkes you so motivated to just keep running!
My other favourite part of the event is the memories on people's backs:

On my back for example I had the names of all of those affected by cancer in my life. Hazel and Frank a married couple who were the rocks in our childhood both died from the vile disease. Peter Williams is a friend of mines Uncle who fought hard but once again unfortunatley was defeated. Sylvie is and I'm pleased to say still is my Godmother, who fought Breast Cancer and has never looked better. And my Auntie Jacky, a woman with so much intelligence and good will also managed once again to win her battle. You see these stories on people's backs and think about the hardship. It meant so much to everyone and you could tell that everyone doing it had their own personal battle. It is the biggest motivator to keep running.

I ended the run holding hands with Kate, one of my sisters who, without her I would not have been able to keep going. She helped me on that last 500m which was teh hardest part I have to say and I have no doubt I would have stopped running without her by my side:

But to be honest I couldn't have done it wthout any of my family. Yes, it is only 5K and my other sister, Emily proved that by coming 3rd in 24 minutes (how ridiculous is that?!) an unbelievable effort! But it can be an emotional event, knowing that everyone is there to defeat cancer - just showing how many people it affects and that was only just in Gloucester!
My family and I:

My sister Katie, Me, My stepdad Alan, My other sister Emily, and my mum Lucy. All before the event. Smiles all round for a day that was emotional, liberating and record breaking!