Thursday, 24 May 2012

Some Like it Hot...

With this muggy humid tips there are some vital pieces of advice you need to remember in order to stay cool in that weather:

1. Run at the right time of day.. The sun is at it's height during midday and the best time to run is at 4pm.. when the sun is at its lowest and least affective. But don't be fooled still make sure you give yourself protection as you'll still be objected to its many harmful ways so take the following precautions:

2. Keep hydrated! If you're like me sometimes I just 'forget' to drink butb during the sun, even when not running, you need to keep those fluids up! Obviously, water but any noncaffinated and nonalcholic drink should do the trick! The tell tale sign is usually to drink 8 glasses or just check that your urine is pale yellow then you'll know you are well hydrated.

3. Try not to run for more than an hour.. But if you are training for a marathon it is vital you take along enough water for the long run. Or at least plan a route past water fountains or shops to purchase water.

4.Run through trails or parks where there is the most shade and most moisture released from plants and trees. Plan your trip carefully though as this type of weather attracts a lot of family to parks and so on and if you are looking for a tranquil run go for one when it isn't so busy!

5. Try not to do speed training on hot days or at least do them at a slower pace than usual. Recognise your limits!

6. If it feels too hot to run. Don't run! Remember you aren't a superhero and you can't do everything! Sometimes it is better to take the day off it can do you more harm than good running in very hot weather!

7. Syptoms of heat exhaustion and stroke include: Dizziness, weekness, headaches, muscle cramps or an upset stomach. If you are experiencing any of these make sure you stop running and recover!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Carbing Up!

Getting ready for those mammoth marathons? Starting with a 5K or braving your first 10? Maybe you have done it all before.. But it is not just the training you need to think about. The food will get you there!

My concoction this evening consisted of.. Low fat Chicken Breast (I don't know why they are packaged as low fat.. assuming they were chickens that dieted) carrots, soinach, tomatoes cooked in a vegatable stock at 200 Degrees in the oven for 25 minutes... Meanwhile the carbs come from the Risotto.. Once again low in fat but cheesy - parmasian to add the meatyness to it and some sage. RESULT! A carb fest that won't lead you bloated just full!

I'm running yet another 5K in June for Race For Life and by the end of the year my 10K should be set.. The goal? To reach the 5 in under half an hour. So I'm talking determination and balls! As well as a well cooked portion of grub, by this point I'll be home for the summer and I'll be leaving that job to the lady of the house - Mum.
A couple of years ago we did 5ks like they were the hardest things in the world.. Since my sitser has run a marathon my mum has ran a half and I have carried on running at my own pace with no race! 2012 I'm coming to get ya!

“To attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy.” - Unknown

And what better way to give off energy?

Then having this energy filled breakfast! Strawberries and Blueberries (very good for brain motivation - exactly what I need whilst high in the revision sweats) with muesli, skimmed milk, summer fruits tea and pomegranate juice!

I have to say I am not the biggest pomegranate fan and would avoid it at all costs usually but I'm on a detox and with eating Craisins and so much fresh fruit I needed a replacement juice for my Innocent and Cranberry spectacular... Regrettably Pomegranate was the only viable solution (boo). But I am all for health benefits outweighing the taste!

You may be asking yourself... How was your run after your last exam the other day? Awful.. would be the reply.. Ever get that moment where you just.. hit a wall? Well, that is what happened. I couldn't run anymore, I think I had been out of training for so long I forgot how to pace myself. So after my next exam I'm going to try again with my flatmate and see if I can sort my pace out.. Slow and steady wins the race!!!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Sometimes a run is needed with no rules, no distance planned...just your heart and the road

@runningquotes a fantastic motivational follow if you are on twitter!

Me however? The complete opposite in terms of running, revision is going great and I think wednesday after my exam I am going to pound that pavement like never before! I'm not going to think about my 5K I'm not going to think about the exam I am going to run just like the quote!

Sometimes I find having no goal is the best run you will ever have as you don't think you just do and sometimes that is what everyone needs! I cannot wait to get out there because the only running I appear to be doing at the moment is in my head and TempleRun... Somebody please explain to me how this has become so addictive?!

Anyway! Sometimes the best runs are after a while and you put yourself down thinking you can't do it.. But you can, believe me you can and those are the best because you didn't believe in yourself. What's better is knowing that at that moment in time you have witnessed yourself achieving a goal without even aiming for one! A runner is someone with the sheer determination to complete.. You don't have to run far but to run and complete is a goal and an expectation you perceive and will do your upmost to achieve...

So no feeling bad about yourself. Pat yourself on the back and say 'Today I achieved something I could never imagine' no matter what it is, even after the most mundane day, you have done something extraordinary.. You have survived another day

Friday, 4 May 2012

Cheap, easy ways to fight and prevent that cold!

Ok so since returning to Uni after a nice Easter Break, the only thing that could possibly hit me would be a cold! Or as we like to call it, Freshers Flu.. However, this time I choose Not to be defeated and whether you are at university or not I am about to explain how using all the above product will help defeat a cold!!

Beetroot: Not only is it good in general health but beetroot is said, to put it scientifically, to absorb all the crappy toxins in your body, therefore it filters the body of anything disgusting including all the bad bacteria during and before getting a cold.. It also contains 'Methionine' which is said to reduce cholesterol and purify wast products from the body (aka poo)!

Tissues: There is nothing worse than feeling a sneeze coming on and not having a tissue to hand.. so what do you do - use the palms of your hand where all the bacteria goes in the first place, you just keep recycling the bad germs over and over and then giving them to more and more people.. Touching your face, door handles all sorts SOOOO the cleverest invention of all time: the tissue! It catches those gross baddy bogies and germs and also keep your nose nice and soft! But make sure you chuck it away after each use!

Water: An absolute must for anyone! It shouldn't just be when your ill but the normal days too! Especially as a runner, you need to replace all the water you have lost. Which tends to be a lot! When you get ill you get very dehydrated so just drink tap water! It flushes out all those rubbish toxins in your body! Remember, you can get it from herbal teas, so if you are especially feeling low and need a hot drink you're still getting that water intake! Mum always gave me lucozade which is lush! A great energy booster if you still have a little get up and go but soothing too!

Hand Sanitiser: It's always important to wash your hands as getting colds means picking up germs from anywhere, obviously it's easy tp pick them up no matter how clean you are but also make sure you use hand sanitiser after every time you sneeze or cough.. The good thing about hand sanitizers are they are small so even if you are out you don't need your kitchen sink to be healthy! We touch our faces, nose and eyes sooo much (statistical element!) and this prevents any further disease!

Mangoes and Passionfruit Innocent Smoothies: Obviously I'm not here to endorse any product but I love innocent smoothies! the packaging above all makes me laugh! But you can have any type of fruit smoothie as a fun alternative to the usual fruit! It's tasty and gives lots of pumping up fruits also probably cheaper than buying the fruits on there own too! It also is 2 of your 5 a day so a worthwhile investment!
Oranges: I realise mine are clemintines but it's besides the point! We are all aware of the goodness of oranges and there big boost in vitamin C infact I think they should just be called Vitamin C... But that would be longer than the word oranges anyway... they are great for just ridding and preventing colds. The clever thing about keeping up your intake of vitamin C as it stops viruses from multiplying.. hence why eating junk is bad when you ill as you just stay iller for longer! But it's not just oranges, its red peppers, blueberries and any citrus fruits!

Garlic: You may wonder where the garlic in the picture is... Well i decided to kill two birds with one stone and buy mayo with garlic... it may not be the nicest thing but my god is garlic a god send when you're ill! and if you can disguise it in mayo why not?! It also contains lots of oestrogen.. if you know what i mean ladies ;) but seriously again it does that weird toxin thing and helps rid the bad stuff with its strong absorbents and stuff!

Houmous: Another high in oestrogen product but without such a bad smell! Houmous is good in a number of ways.. the chickpeas means that veggies can eat it too and it's great for the skin.. However, it's main use for me and sorry it's not rocket science.. but it tastes lush with veg! If you're struggling to eat veg during a cold then houmous is without doubt the easiest, tastiest, cheapest, healthiest way of eating the god damn veg. Now who needs science when you get that for an answer?!

Veggie Soup: Yet another way to eat your veggies without the bland taste! Country veg soup is a personal fave and has soo many good stuff in it! The great thing about it is you are getting a lot of 5 a day without realising it. Also it's nice and warm so if you're in that 'feeling sorry for yourself' state this is the perfect remedy.. mixing health and warmth all together! Genius!

Carrots: We are nearing the end but a great way to keep healthy during and before a cold is the almighty, seeing in the dark, carrot.. The colour? Orange... Yep you guessed it! Full of that vitamin C stuff again! You can put it with any meal or just eat sticks with some houmous! It also contains alpha and beta carotene which is vital for lowering cholestoral levels in the blood and helps keep a nice healthy heart!

Trainers: Another great source of Vitamin C... No I kid don't panic! But what kind of person would I be if I didn't include my trustworthy trainers in this eh?! So you may be thinking the last thing you want to do is go out for a run or any form of exercise when you are ill and may I say rightly so! But if you are like me and would be hugely dissapointed if you couldn't there may be light at the end of this balls achingly long blog post... You can do non strenuos exercise IF and only IF you feel fine from the chest onwards... If you have a hacking cough chest throat infection DO NOT touch the trainers until you are fully recovered! But if you have a runny nose and bogeyed up go ahead! In fact they say it would probably be better to do this as the cold starts to creep ever closer, and even during the cold weather.. because if you think of it you can't catch those nasty cretinous germs when you're running at 10 minute miles or running full stop. Running in the rain or cold is a lot healthier than catching the bus with smelly germy people!

I am so sorry for such a long blog post but I promise all this will help you recover! Its cheap and easy.. nothing worse than reading sites and finding the only thing that does the trick is remedies that cost a bomb and the nly way you can take them is by standing on your head and swallowing it by reciting the alphabet.. Anyway... Take care and bear off the colds!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Diets don't have to be dull!

Egg, feta cheese, mixed leaf salad, tomatoes, cucumber, wholemeal bread and low fat spread.

That lunch was epic! With a snack of strawberries at 3pm and Advanced spin class at 515 its fair to say I'm feeling pretty good and glowing right now!
The spin class reiterates my idea about gym vs road and I have never done a spin class at the student gym before.. we did bench press on the bikes and punches and jogging up! So much fun! I have never enjoyed a spin class so much! Up to gear 20 we went and it was hard but it was amazing! I felt invigorated and sweaty!
But, the one thing I enjoy about spin is going with someone and I use to go with mum so I really missed her today!
For dinner, I'm going for chilli con carne with... brace yourself... quorn mince!!! It tastes much better than I thought but it has nothing on the real thing! Anyway off I go to enjoy the food!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Feeling the Burn!

So yesterday I went to abs and aerobics. My first class in a while and being trained by an ex marine. Oh. Not the same person as my last class and boy was I paying the consequences for my lack of class catch up!
She was harsh and scary whats worse is in the aerobics studio there is a mirror in front of you.. You can't even avoid the amount of sweat you are dripping! It was hardcore struggle! But it hasn't deterred me! My next class is tomorrow - intermediate to advanced spin class which, I have to admit, I'm slightly nautious about. Then friday I have LBT I plan to fit in a run in the mean time, but I'm no sure about you the weather has been horrendous and there is no way I can run out in that! However, whenever I make the harsh decision that today is yet another day I can't run and so go to the gym.. The sun appears!!! Anyone care to explain what that's all about?!
Classes are a great way to get fit and keep up the stamina in between runs, it also helps keep the pounds away as much as running does too its a fun way of doing it.. Don't get me wrong I obviously adore running and sometimes it's the perfect thing to get rid of that stress and upset but equally I sometimes feel isolated and bored and there is nothing like a good class to perk you up! The change of music, the people, the motivator of an ex marine... pretty great if I'm honest! as much as I hate to admit!!!

Let me know your comments on gym vs road would love to know your thoughts!