Thursday, 22 March 2012

Positive Thinking!

So.. First run after the horrendous disease that took over me last month... The biggest tip I can give anyone who has been out of running for a while is to give it your best shot and go easy on your body!

My run I hear you cry? Well, I did it at 12pm in the burning sun... And it was formidable! So beautiful! I decided if I'm doing this I am not going to make it a chore it is going to be beautiful so i went to But Park in Cardiff and did the park once round and ran home 36 mins it took me and worth every second!

The playlist I have on my Ipod is one my sister gave me and oh my goodness it is incredible! If you are seriously needing some motivation and need a reason to enjoy running, then search into Itunes or however you legally download music, make sure you check out movie soundtracks! They are epic and make you feel like you are constantly on the run.. Literally! It is the most fun to have as every track has no lyrics just the score and it is so epic when you are running through an enclosed tree area its just fantastic! I definatley recommend trying it and if you need any help with choosing tracks tweet me sally_cross and I will be happy to accomodate and find some tracks to suit your pace!

I'm hoping to go for another tomorrow in the afternoon/evening to give my body enough time to recooperate! If I do unlike most people who like to take time off, I want to add five minutes by doing a slightly longer route. Adding just that extra 5 minutes to a run can immensly improve your stamina even if its only twice a week!

Anyway bloggers keep checking for new posts and now that I am in high spirits we should be set to complete a 10k by the end of the year!

Thank you for your support love you all xxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bring Me Sunshine...

Ah the inevitable has happened. Spring! Who thought it would ever show up?! I feel as if I have just been waiting for years and yet after coming back from a beautiful walk by the river it was light all the way round and didn't start getting dark until 6.40pm what a brilliant end to the weekend! Although, I have to admit, it was the only brilliant part to the weekend!
The update on the running 'thing' is I have been given two inhalers so it looks as if the asthma has returned! So typical! I will get back on the running hopefully the end of this week start of next but for the time being I'm eating healthy and taking in that sun by going on gorgeous walks around Cardiff!
It's only just struck me though how much I miss running! I use to see it as just a useful exercise to loose wait but I forgot how much it releases my stress and anger and just gives me a chance to be me!
Seriously if you haven't hit the road yet get on it! It doesn't matter if you are not experienced at all you can just go for a short one.. Don't do it to loose weight see that as a benefit, do it for you! Do it for the amount of times you have wanted to scream or punch someone, do it for the amount of times you have been scared, or paranoid, release that tension, anger, upset! It just dissapears for the best part of an hour!
Want to know my favourite time to run? OK, you my find it weird but I love running when I have no motivation to go out for a run! When I am tired and see it as a chore! Because I come back and feel UNBELIEVABLE! It's incredible how just doing some exercise can boost your confidence or make you think actually you know what? I'm pretty amazing! Its the best you never regret it after that!

Salx xx

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Change!

Ok I've hit it. That brick wall! I am so motivated to go out and run but until this cold/chest infection/horrendous weezing decides to bugger off I am stuck! Even as I type I am coughing (one hand over mouth of course) I just want to get out there.. Feel the wind in my hair and the sweat on my brow!
I don't know about you but there is something highly satisfying about sweat! I know it means I have worked hard and that I am getting intense about it! The weather is getting so much better too and I am at my most stressed uni wise. All I want is a good run!
My body needs to recover now! I called this post the change as ironically the one before is called life = good! and now I'm stuck here wishing my immune system would cheer up!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Life = good

We must say a massive well done to everyone who did the St davids Day Run today. Mud, rain, sun and dogs! What a day! The biggest entry of people they have ever done and the organisation for that was brill!
I am gutted I could not run! the cold spread to the chest and gave me a chest infection! so sad for me as i trained and was soo ready to run my first 10k! BUT my sister the brilliant emily did it! what a fab result too! 52mins and 53secs her quickest time for a 10k and she even wore my t shirt for M.E which I was very pleased about as that money still meant that somebody ran so thanks to all who donated :D

I now have to prepare for another in september and i believe i can beat that time of mys sisters and will try and complete it in 50mins! so give me a couple of days to recover and i'll be back blogging full time and giving you all the info on running in september! watch this space here comes Sally!