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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

"I'm awful"

I normally write an inspirational quote as my heading but i have decided to berate myself instead!
The running? Oh fabulous thanks, the blogging? hmmm... not soo good!!! I would like to put it down to business but not really to be truthful!
I wish I had more motivaation. Any tips? I spend so much money on expensive books and plans but never follow them through.. but to be honest they are all just cons! All i really need to do is sit down and go. RIGHT CROSS GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND BLOG!!!! Anyway one said that you can'tberate yourself too much, life is half chance! If you really need some motivation then i suggest spending 79p is your limit by buying 'Everybody's Free (to wear sunscreen)' by Baz Lurhmann - Moulin Rouge fame! Great song, so inspirational and great to get you off your feet! if it's not your cup of tea.. the mamma mia soundtrack will equally do the trick ;)

So, for Lent I have decided to, no not give up running although it is very tempting at the moment, but give up swearing! I'm not a big swearer but I get angry at myself when I do swear as I think it is such a bad habit! Anyway, because it might be very subconcious every time i do swear during the 40 days and nights instead of just going 'oops' I'm going to donate a pound to a charity so at least its going somewhere worthwhile! a cheeky plug here but if you are doing something similar i am welcome to donations :

it will be worth it and I promise it will give you some sort of karma! If you have been waiting for that 'special someone' he is just around the corner! Thanks fellow runners!

Monday, 13 February 2012

"Every day is a good day when you run."

Kevin Nelson. I am sat in my room whilst writing this, sweaty as anything but completly buzzing! A run completed! First of the week and I have hesitated so much as to whether I should go for one and I did! First day and I did not dissappoint! So pleased with myself right now! But a lot of improvement is needed so I plan to run both tomorrow and wednesday to get a full extent out of this! I did 3 and a half miles in 34 mins which I am pleased with to say it is my first since recovering from this cold and I wasn't up for going!
I have less than a month for the big run and I know I am a lot fitter than I once was but I am not at my fittest I know I can perform better than this and I intend to! For me. No one else I want to achieve something and be able to say look what I did!
I'm going to train my ass off and hopefully the weight will drop off and I'll really start to notice the fitness increase! Anyway must dash, I need to shower and go out for my radio news! Such a busy life but well worth it!
Keep Running xx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

"Tough times don't last but tough people do."

A.C.Green. First day tomorrow, hoping the weather gets warmer so I can go out feeling good! I'm looking forward to it, but a little nervous so think I'll take it slow, especially if it is cold and I'm not eating as much as I normally do.. So here's hoping! I'm doing pilates and legs bums and tums too this week to mix it up too, I did them frequently before christmas but haven't since so kind of hoping I don't miss anything!
My goal is to loose at least a stone before next month or in a month, anyway before the easter break so I can go back and everyone think I look amazing! I love how it always seem to be based on other people's opinions, I should want to look good for me and yet I care what other people think, thats how I'll get my satisfaction!
What I'm most scared about tomorrow is losing will power and just giving up! I hope I stick with it and just decide It is going to work and all will be fine. I have to start back somewhere and this is it so please make sure everything goes ok!
Sorry this is a rubbish blog tonight! I don't know what to put! Apart from I'm planning to get an early night as its been a week of early mornings and late nights so hoping I resist the temptation to stay awake! Any remedies you can recommend to sleep? Hot milk seems to work but being a student it can be rather annoying using so much of it!
Anyway bloggers, I'm off and will let you know my progress with the run tomorrow... Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

“To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.”

Elbert Hubbard. I feel this is a good title for me at the moment. First things first, I missed a friday blog (boo)! BUT. The main issue I am currently facing is crap self esteem and zero will power. I have no respect for the condition my body is currently in. I need to lose weight and yet I sit there on my ass eating. I am my biggest criticism and I need to either stop shut the hell up and eat what the hell I like. OR do something about it! I always say that people who complain are those who never change the world.
Its true, How many people vote in elections? The majority who don't are the majority who get pissed off with the way the countries run! Ok, fair enough if you vote and it doesn't work in your favour, thats life for you though eh? But those who sit there, take advantage of the world they live in and those who take it for granted. Expecting the world to just keep turning, expecting litter not to affect it. What about the rest of us? Those who run for charities, for people we don't even know exist. Those who vote and just say oh well there is always next time not everyone is perfect, we all have our problems. How many of those problems do you mull over everyday? If I was to say I potentially moan every 50 times a day. Maybe more. But what the hell do I do? Buy and research spend hundreds of pounds on books telling me I can be thin. Surely its just common knowledge. Just eat well, excerise and live longer!
So here is my proposal. I, Sally Cross, will no longer sit on her arse wishing to be skinny, I will do 25 sit ups a day and build it up, I will eat salads and fish and low fat food that actually IS low fat, I will NOT be tempted to eat chocolate, and I will say everyday to myself, hey you know what you don't look too bad!
Anyone who wants to join this highly motivational and equally hard hitting message please get in touch! I promise this time I will actually go through with it!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

"Failure to Prepare, is Preparing to Fail"

So the 2nd day of my blog and I have a cough. This equals no running for me till monday which is a real pain as I really need to do some hardcore training! Just means I'll have to be extra dedicated next week! It is so cold here in Cardiff that I know it would not be worth the risk of doing it! I worry that the stress of it all will get to me as I want to do it bt also Uni work and socialising stops me from wanting to go out!
I'm hoping things calm down, but to be honest, even if they don't it's fine because it means that i have an even more valid reason to run! To stop stress would be pretty fab and I know that when I run I don't stress!
I'm not sure what it is whether it's the breeze, the pain in your legs taking over the thoughts in your head, the knowledge that you got out there and did it!
i've always said and stuck by the theory that the best time to run is when you are the most tired and unwilling! You become so surprised by the fact you did it and you start to feel good about yourself, pleased that you made the effort, the realisation that yes actually you can do something worthwhile, and you can still be in a bad mood! You don't need to just sit on the sofa thinking 'oh no i am too tired' lets just feel sorry for ourselves. Just think about it, as much as we dislike them.. do you think politicians come home from a day at the office thinking well that was long and everyone hates me so I just won't bother with it all from now on. (ok maybe some do) but the majority of people don't give up just because they are tired! You need to pick yourself up and go even if its just for ten minutes! Wheres the harm? apart from if you have an awful cough like me in which case I advise staying in and watching countless re-runs of Morecambe and Wise and Top Gear on Dave and I'm sure you'll be in tip top shape the next day!
Finally, a quick note to say, its ok to reply! I'm worried, and excited its my first big run and I'm starting to feel very low self esteem at the moment its normal I know but the knowledge that someone actually reads this thing would be much appreciated!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

"The Miracle isn't that I finished. It's that I had the courage to Start"

John Bingham said that. And he is utterly true. I know as much as anyone that willpower is something that should be congratulated! I'm one of those 'Yo-Yo Dieters' .. Each morning I wake up and say the same thing 'I'm going to be super healthy from now on' by the end of the day i have eaten chocolate.. however, the one thing I have and will intend to stick to forever is running! I love it! The clarity, the thoughts, the freedom! No one is in your way you can run for miles and miles and there is nothing anyone can say or do but be proud.
Next month - 4th of March to be precise I am attempting my first ever 10k. Every year I do 5ks for Race for Life and this year is a chance to start looking somewhere else. So I'm doing a 10K for Action for M.E. Call me mad but it will be worth it! I really want to show the world and my family and friends that I can stick to something! I want to be good at something and at one point I want to run a marathon!
So... The challenge - to keep up with this blog every day to tell you (if anyone) my progress even after I've collapsed and fainted from the 10K I will be in constant training to one day reach that stage and I want you guys to come along with me!
So Blog/tweet/facebook/email whatever, don't let me do this alone!
From a very worried, but keen runner
I'm off to start the game!!!