Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Time = Patience

After Birthday Celebrations two weeks ago now I had, not only a downfall in food but also exercise. What's worse is I had asked for a smaller MP3 player to use on my runs rather than the one I currently own so I had two separate ones.. Instead of being 'lets get out there and use my new birthday present' I took the route of getting all giddy and uploading new songs onto it. And Bam. That was it. Just sat listening to my new Ipod without even registering what I actually wanted it for!
Today however, I decided a detox was needed! I woke up at 7am did some work drank half a pint of water got up ate porridge with water instead of milk (suits me better on longer runs) and my flatmates and I went on a long run - 45 minutes of pure bliss! I thought I would struggle with 10 and yet the new Ipod, the excitement of getting back outside, the air, the company all collided into what I felt was a fantastic run! 5k!
It was intense and exciting and now I'm ready to keep going back on track! All you need is to realise what you missed and it will all just come flowing back as if you never stopped!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Let's Hear it for the Arms!

So on Friday evening I took my usual indoor cycling class - 45 minutes of pure hardcore workout, we did press ups and squats on the bike for all of 5 minutes then moved on to bust out the sprints standing up and sitting down! Then I realised. Why do we focus so much attention on our legs? Look at Legs Bums and Tums for example, it's about about the lower half of your body. We use our legs for everything! Look at this blog! LEGS LEGS LEGS!!! So therefore, I dedicate the rest of this blog to arms - the unspoken hero of the upper body!

I find so many people say I don't like my legs but I feel lucky I am able to use mine and so on and so forth. But then when it comes to arms I only hear 'Bingo Wings' and 'Hairy Arms' and all that kind of talk.. Where are all the pros?! I noticed it at spin because I felt so sorry for my legs after going for an almighty run the day before and here I was sprinting like a mad woman. But it's not the legs I should have been feeling for it was my poor arms.. They only had boxing this week. So once a week they get full attention (and lets face it - that's not even enough!) so why are arms such a degenerate limb?! Where are the 'Hooray! I have arms - who cares about the flab on the side?! I'm not taking my arms for granted and I'm proud!!!'

So on this short thoughtful blog, please next time your slagging off your arms remember they have feelings too! Forget the legs for just a second of your time and just think about your arms they could do with some hard work too! When you run just swing them a bit!!

Till the next useless post

Sal xx

Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Perks of Having a Running Partner

Last week my flatmate and running and blogging enthusiast took the plunge to run together! A big decision for me as I really hate running with other people! I love people, don't get me wrong I love working with people and I'm a massive team player but my greatest running partner is my Ipod. Simply because it keeps me at an able place and gets me motivated when I need it most! When I run with people I find the opposite, purely a fault on my part - when it comes to fitness I like to think I'm pretty fit so will do all that is in my power to match that person! 

There are only two people in this world I can run with - Katie, one of my sisters (I've always found her a great inspiration, something that I will never forget is her desperation to make me keep going in that last 500m at 5K Race For Life, something I'm pretty sure I could not do without her), and my Mum, mainly I run with her in my mind, when I'm on my own I think of her constantly and her need to be at her best, even though she had a back operation and was told she would never walk let alone run! It's because of her I'm the passionate runner I am today! 

Until now... I now have three people I can run with. Say hello to Mrs Number 3 - Abbi! Welcome to my esteemed group Miss Tanton! You help me to pick up my pace while equally I help slow hers down. She was the first person that I have ever run with without my Ipod - which is a massive step for me - not only that but I found it satisfying! This morning we went for a 30 minute run and it was beautiful, I ended up somewhere I have never run before and I was so fantastic to have the confidence to go out of my comfort zone because I knew I wasn't running alone! It means, that now, whenever I run I can take that route on my own or not which is a great thing to learn!! I loved every second of it and know that it can be a lasting running friendship!

So.. if you're new to the sport and needs some SUPPORT (see what I did there?) then find a running partner! It doesn't even have to be someone you like very much! But it's a way to make sure you do go out and run and making sure you socialise and enjoy it so it no longer becomes a chore, and a way to meet new people! To be shy, its a great way to kick the runners wall!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Oh What A Beautiful Mornin'

A morning run is without doubt my favourite way to start a day! And today was no different!
Its empty on the streets not having to dodge people - only other runners but you're able to give them the runners code - that secret smile that only you and they really understand! You have no cars - just the odd one so when you run you feel a little bit like a Greek Goddess .. You know no pollution, just simple, clean air (anyway that's what I tell myself). And the air is so crisp and new, like you are the first one to breathe it in. I'm always constantly amazed by the skill of my body. I walk out the house freezing cold because of the early morning atmosphere and I start running and I get warmer..I know I know its an easy thing to comprehend because it's such a natural process but it is so wonderful knowing that your body is sooo brilliant!

And it's little things like that, that make an early morning run feel so grateful for everything! An the best thing? You still have a whole day to go! You can spend the day knowing that you had the mst extraodinary run that morning, knowing that you ran the same route you always do after work, or the route you know so well because its in your area. But you know, and only you, know how beautiful the world really is when you go out for a run at some stupid hour in the morning. You have the feeling that the whole world is your oyster, and if this is what your usual running spot looks like at 7am in the morning imagine, imagine what the world looks like. The sunrise and the crisp air, in places of the world that you only dare to dream of but know that it could be in your future when you take that first step out the house.
Warning, however, people may start to question your smile and if you don't have a valid answer there could be trouble....

Monday, 3 September 2012

I Run To Stay Happy

Hello fellow runners!

Sorry for my distance lately! Life has been so hectic but I promise I haven't lost my running mojo!!
Apart from being attacked by a mildly large dog I had a fantastic run yesterday! I went far and wide but the pesky dog made me cut it short. Now don't get me wrong I love dogs - I'm a dog owner. But as a runner, people who keep their dogs of the lead and laugh at you when they can tell they have scared the beejebus out of you as well as biting off your ankle (slight exaggeration) deserve to not have any enjoyment (once again with the exaggeration).
Anyway, I went for 20 minutes so a relatively short one and the only thing that ached at the end was my mouth. From the constant smile that was plastered across my face! I must have looked a real pleb running down the street with a huge grin on my face!
Mainly because when  I run I go into my own little world.. I pretend I'm basically in an episode of 'Doctor Who' (which is usual because I love love LOVE running to the soundtack that Murray Gold has so beautifully devised!) I am the companion and I'm running away (they love to run in Doctor Who) and I run. If I believe that, then yes I am a little strange but it makes me happy it makes me feel as though running isn't exercise. It isn't a chore. It's fun! And I love it! So (if there is anyone out there reading this) What is your running mantra? Do you need a little something to make you run that last leg?

What I may suggest - and as much as I dislike advertising is to try the soundtracks from Doctor Who - they are an incredible running soundtrack! My personal favourites are 'Song of Freedom' and 'Vale Decem'

worth a shot!

Until next time!

Happy Running!!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

I Love to Run Because I can conquer the world

I am very sweaty and very hot (no this isn't an extract from 50 Shades) I just completed a 23 minute run my fastest time on this particular route so far. But the heat was extraordinary 22 Degrees and wearing all black all lycra running kit is not the most comfortable situation to put yourself in..

But heres the deal I'm about to tell you about my biggest flaw and how running has heled me conquer it (hence the title).

I am the most self concious person I have ever met. I know, there are a hell of a lot of people in fact everyone who will have something they want to change about themselves. But right now - since the beginning of this year I have really begun to hate my body - my weight and skin especially - seemingly whenever I am naughty and eat a treat - infact just looking at a chocolate bar my skin will erupt into a mountain of spots and I will gain around have a stone.. It's not an ideal situation to be in. Stopping in every shop window and pulling your top down to hide every inch of skin. Even running today I was pulling my top down to hide my belly.

And yet. My mum, My sisters, My dad, My friends will tell me - not because I moan but because it is pretty obvious how I feel - that I look great, I am not fat and my skin is looking better than ever. But the three moments in my life - which unfortunate timing led to all happen this year when I was at my lowest, when I was called 'fat' and 'chubby' have stuck with me. They have dug deep inside of me and made me feel disgusting. I can recall the time, place and event of all these occassions but not a single one of when my family and friends handed me compliments. The amount of Doctors who have inspected, poked and prodded at my skin - prescribed me a thousand and one treatments to get rid of my spots have brought me to the point of fear of even entering a clinic. Because I have gone with the intention so many times of not wanting to see them about my skin and time and time again it is brought up. And there I am, once again, left lonely and insecure about every inch of me. Because of a few minor people - using my insecurities to escape their own.

The other day I made a core decision that enough was enough. I would lose weight, and with that my skin would follow. I am not fat but I am hardly skinny. I just want to feel happy. I want to feel what I feel whenever I exercise.

When I run or go to the gym I become a Superhero. I see myself as this fit goddess who can achieve anything and I do. I go into that class or step onto the road and I leave my body - I may not be skinny but I am really fit and with that fitness I have confidence. I suddenly become aware of my ability - my insecurities do not matter - I am thrown into something I know well and every time I reach a new peak.. If I can reach this every time I do exercise I need to start seeing it in everyday life.
Because how can you expect other people to see the good in you if you can't even see it in yourself? The most compliments I ever receive? When I have just worked out!

Friday, 13 July 2012

All Hail Coconut Water...

So this morning I went for a 24 minute interval run - 5minute hard core 3 times and 3 times of 3 minute recovery in between. I decided to try the 'fad' of coconut water. I usually am the consumer health editors pry to. I spend a lot of money on people telling me how to get skinny and the best way to run even if it means spending money that isn't worth spending.
After buying it in a popular English health chain I decided it was best to try it on this interval training -- especially when I decided to use my treadmill which appears to be in some sort of horrific green house. it tasted - to put it politely, how I assume Cat wee would taste. But the more I drank the more I warmed to it.. I am still unsure as to whether I can keep drinking such a unusual tasting specimen especially on hard runs when I just want a taste othe than breathlessness and sweat in my mouth I'm not sure if Cat's piss is therefore the best option.

I took it upon myself to research it's goodness and it does appear to be good! It is 100% pure coconut water and you cannot deny that it really does hydrate your body, all I need is a few sips and I'm done until the next big sprint. But I potentially am still put off by its taste. I therefore, cannot argue with it as it is just a personal taste issue and no one else seems to have such an issue just me! It also is quite nice to have a change from the usual water or fizzy sports drink but at least the taste guarantees happiness with me!

I will, however, give it another chance and with this I plan to try the variations they have with Pinapple and Passionfruit. No harm I suppose?
The price? Was way too expensive but seen as I went to a specific health store that sell these things n every aspect I may try a supermarket that also sell them - for what it is I would not pay that kind of price unless I really felt the benefits but unless I hit a high flying job I will be leaving it up to the water to give me the hydration I need.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I Love Running Because... it lifts my mood

In a new trend I have decided to name every post to do with why I love running.. This week is all about the great mood lifter.

It's no great secret that being a teenager is not an easy ride. In fact at any age we have our problems. I have been so fed up lately, it could be a new spot, my weight, men, friends but believe me I will find any insecurity and pin point it. But the two thing that stops my mood escalating into something horrendous like the Hulk are my family and running.

Running is a weird feeling - it pumps the blood, increases your heart rate and makes you sweat like a bitch.. But I love it. It makes me feel in control - and sometimes thats all I need just a little bit of self control to take me back to a good place! I feel powerful, energetic and I forget the anger, upset or anxiety - I am in a place of content, somewhere I rarely visit in  everyday life. The headphones go in, the music goes on and my mind goes off. It goes to another world, explores a little bit of happiness, excitement and just pure bliss..

Thats what running does for me. And you?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Race for Life 2012

On the 17th June 2012 I completed my fastest ever time for Race for Life. In a time of  39 minutes I was very happy considering how little training I put in this year.

The biggest enjoyment:

I have no doubt or hesitation to know that it wasn't my time or that I ran the whole way but it was the atmosphere. I was astounded by the turn out and the orgnisaation of the event. Running through Gloucester town centre meant we had lots of support by onlookers the whole time which mkes you so motivated to just keep running!
My other favourite part of the event is the memories on people's backs:

On my back for example I had the names of all of those affected by cancer in my life. Hazel and Frank a married couple who were the rocks in our childhood both died from the vile disease. Peter Williams is a friend of mines Uncle who fought hard but once again unfortunatley was defeated. Sylvie is and I'm pleased to say still is my Godmother, who fought Breast Cancer and has never looked better. And my Auntie Jacky, a woman with so much intelligence and good will also managed once again to win her battle. You see these stories on people's backs and think about the hardship. It meant so much to everyone and you could tell that everyone doing it had their own personal battle. It is the biggest motivator to keep running.

I ended the run holding hands with Kate, one of my sisters who, without her I would not have been able to keep going. She helped me on that last 500m which was teh hardest part I have to say and I have no doubt I would have stopped running without her by my side:

But to be honest I couldn't have done it wthout any of my family. Yes, it is only 5K and my other sister, Emily proved that by coming 3rd in 24 minutes (how ridiculous is that?!) an unbelievable effort! But it can be an emotional event, knowing that everyone is there to defeat cancer - just showing how many people it affects and that was only just in Gloucester!
My family and I:

My sister Katie, Me, My stepdad Alan, My other sister Emily, and my mum Lucy. All before the event. Smiles all round for a day that was emotional, liberating and record breaking!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Some Like it Hot...

With this muggy humid tips there are some vital pieces of advice you need to remember in order to stay cool in that weather:

1. Run at the right time of day.. The sun is at it's height during midday and the best time to run is at 4pm.. when the sun is at its lowest and least affective. But don't be fooled still make sure you give yourself protection as you'll still be objected to its many harmful ways so take the following precautions:

2. Keep hydrated! If you're like me sometimes I just 'forget' to drink butb during the sun, even when not running, you need to keep those fluids up! Obviously, water but any noncaffinated and nonalcholic drink should do the trick! The tell tale sign is usually to drink 8 glasses or just check that your urine is pale yellow then you'll know you are well hydrated.

3. Try not to run for more than an hour.. But if you are training for a marathon it is vital you take along enough water for the long run. Or at least plan a route past water fountains or shops to purchase water.

4.Run through trails or parks where there is the most shade and most moisture released from plants and trees. Plan your trip carefully though as this type of weather attracts a lot of family to parks and so on and if you are looking for a tranquil run go for one when it isn't so busy!

5. Try not to do speed training on hot days or at least do them at a slower pace than usual. Recognise your limits!

6. If it feels too hot to run. Don't run! Remember you aren't a superhero and you can't do everything! Sometimes it is better to take the day off it can do you more harm than good running in very hot weather!

7. Syptoms of heat exhaustion and stroke include: Dizziness, weekness, headaches, muscle cramps or an upset stomach. If you are experiencing any of these make sure you stop running and recover!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Carbing Up!

Getting ready for those mammoth marathons? Starting with a 5K or braving your first 10? Maybe you have done it all before.. But it is not just the training you need to think about. The food will get you there!

My concoction this evening consisted of.. Low fat Chicken Breast (I don't know why they are packaged as low fat.. assuming they were chickens that dieted) carrots, soinach, tomatoes cooked in a vegatable stock at 200 Degrees in the oven for 25 minutes... Meanwhile the carbs come from the Risotto.. Once again low in fat but cheesy - parmasian to add the meatyness to it and some sage. RESULT! A carb fest that won't lead you bloated just full!

I'm running yet another 5K in June for Race For Life and by the end of the year my 10K should be set.. The goal? To reach the 5 in under half an hour. So I'm talking determination and balls! As well as a well cooked portion of grub, by this point I'll be home for the summer and I'll be leaving that job to the lady of the house - Mum.
A couple of years ago we did 5ks like they were the hardest things in the world.. Since my sitser has run a marathon my mum has ran a half and I have carried on running at my own pace with no race! 2012 I'm coming to get ya!

“To attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy.” - Unknown

And what better way to give off energy?

Then having this energy filled breakfast! Strawberries and Blueberries (very good for brain motivation - exactly what I need whilst high in the revision sweats) with muesli, skimmed milk, summer fruits tea and pomegranate juice!

I have to say I am not the biggest pomegranate fan and would avoid it at all costs usually but I'm on a detox and with eating Craisins and so much fresh fruit I needed a replacement juice for my Innocent and Cranberry spectacular... Regrettably Pomegranate was the only viable solution (boo). But I am all for health benefits outweighing the taste!

You may be asking yourself... How was your run after your last exam the other day? Awful.. would be the reply.. Ever get that moment where you just.. hit a wall? Well, that is what happened. I couldn't run anymore, I think I had been out of training for so long I forgot how to pace myself. So after my next exam I'm going to try again with my flatmate and see if I can sort my pace out.. Slow and steady wins the race!!!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Sometimes a run is needed with no rules, no distance planned...just your heart and the road

@runningquotes a fantastic motivational follow if you are on twitter!

Me however? The complete opposite in terms of running, revision is going great and I think wednesday after my exam I am going to pound that pavement like never before! I'm not going to think about my 5K I'm not going to think about the exam I am going to run just like the quote!

Sometimes I find having no goal is the best run you will ever have as you don't think you just do and sometimes that is what everyone needs! I cannot wait to get out there because the only running I appear to be doing at the moment is in my head and TempleRun... Somebody please explain to me how this has become so addictive?!

Anyway! Sometimes the best runs are after a while and you put yourself down thinking you can't do it.. But you can, believe me you can and those are the best because you didn't believe in yourself. What's better is knowing that at that moment in time you have witnessed yourself achieving a goal without even aiming for one! A runner is someone with the sheer determination to complete.. You don't have to run far but to run and complete is a goal and an expectation you perceive and will do your upmost to achieve...

So no feeling bad about yourself. Pat yourself on the back and say 'Today I achieved something I could never imagine' no matter what it is, even after the most mundane day, you have done something extraordinary.. You have survived another day

Friday, 4 May 2012

Cheap, easy ways to fight and prevent that cold!

Ok so since returning to Uni after a nice Easter Break, the only thing that could possibly hit me would be a cold! Or as we like to call it, Freshers Flu.. However, this time I choose Not to be defeated and whether you are at university or not I am about to explain how using all the above product will help defeat a cold!!

Beetroot: Not only is it good in general health but beetroot is said, to put it scientifically, to absorb all the crappy toxins in your body, therefore it filters the body of anything disgusting including all the bad bacteria during and before getting a cold.. It also contains 'Methionine' which is said to reduce cholesterol and purify wast products from the body (aka poo)!

Tissues: There is nothing worse than feeling a sneeze coming on and not having a tissue to hand.. so what do you do - use the palms of your hand where all the bacteria goes in the first place, you just keep recycling the bad germs over and over and then giving them to more and more people.. Touching your face, door handles all sorts SOOOO the cleverest invention of all time: the tissue! It catches those gross baddy bogies and germs and also keep your nose nice and soft! But make sure you chuck it away after each use!

Water: An absolute must for anyone! It shouldn't just be when your ill but the normal days too! Especially as a runner, you need to replace all the water you have lost. Which tends to be a lot! When you get ill you get very dehydrated so just drink tap water! It flushes out all those rubbish toxins in your body! Remember, you can get it from herbal teas, so if you are especially feeling low and need a hot drink you're still getting that water intake! Mum always gave me lucozade which is lush! A great energy booster if you still have a little get up and go but soothing too!

Hand Sanitiser: It's always important to wash your hands as getting colds means picking up germs from anywhere, obviously it's easy tp pick them up no matter how clean you are but also make sure you use hand sanitiser after every time you sneeze or cough.. The good thing about hand sanitizers are they are small so even if you are out you don't need your kitchen sink to be healthy! We touch our faces, nose and eyes sooo much (statistical element!) and this prevents any further disease!

Mangoes and Passionfruit Innocent Smoothies: Obviously I'm not here to endorse any product but I love innocent smoothies! the packaging above all makes me laugh! But you can have any type of fruit smoothie as a fun alternative to the usual fruit! It's tasty and gives lots of pumping up fruits also probably cheaper than buying the fruits on there own too! It also is 2 of your 5 a day so a worthwhile investment!
Oranges: I realise mine are clemintines but it's besides the point! We are all aware of the goodness of oranges and there big boost in vitamin C infact I think they should just be called Vitamin C... But that would be longer than the word oranges anyway... they are great for just ridding and preventing colds. The clever thing about keeping up your intake of vitamin C as it stops viruses from multiplying.. hence why eating junk is bad when you ill as you just stay iller for longer! But it's not just oranges, its red peppers, blueberries and any citrus fruits!

Garlic: You may wonder where the garlic in the picture is... Well i decided to kill two birds with one stone and buy mayo with garlic... it may not be the nicest thing but my god is garlic a god send when you're ill! and if you can disguise it in mayo why not?! It also contains lots of oestrogen.. if you know what i mean ladies ;) but seriously again it does that weird toxin thing and helps rid the bad stuff with its strong absorbents and stuff!

Houmous: Another high in oestrogen product but without such a bad smell! Houmous is good in a number of ways.. the chickpeas means that veggies can eat it too and it's great for the skin.. However, it's main use for me and sorry it's not rocket science.. but it tastes lush with veg! If you're struggling to eat veg during a cold then houmous is without doubt the easiest, tastiest, cheapest, healthiest way of eating the god damn veg. Now who needs science when you get that for an answer?!

Veggie Soup: Yet another way to eat your veggies without the bland taste! Country veg soup is a personal fave and has soo many good stuff in it! The great thing about it is you are getting a lot of 5 a day without realising it. Also it's nice and warm so if you're in that 'feeling sorry for yourself' state this is the perfect remedy.. mixing health and warmth all together! Genius!

Carrots: We are nearing the end but a great way to keep healthy during and before a cold is the almighty, seeing in the dark, carrot.. The colour? Orange... Yep you guessed it! Full of that vitamin C stuff again! You can put it with any meal or just eat sticks with some houmous! It also contains alpha and beta carotene which is vital for lowering cholestoral levels in the blood and helps keep a nice healthy heart!

Trainers: Another great source of Vitamin C... No I kid don't panic! But what kind of person would I be if I didn't include my trustworthy trainers in this eh?! So you may be thinking the last thing you want to do is go out for a run or any form of exercise when you are ill and may I say rightly so! But if you are like me and would be hugely dissapointed if you couldn't there may be light at the end of this balls achingly long blog post... You can do non strenuos exercise IF and only IF you feel fine from the chest onwards... If you have a hacking cough chest throat infection DO NOT touch the trainers until you are fully recovered! But if you have a runny nose and bogeyed up go ahead! In fact they say it would probably be better to do this as the cold starts to creep ever closer, and even during the cold weather.. because if you think of it you can't catch those nasty cretinous germs when you're running at 10 minute miles or running full stop. Running in the rain or cold is a lot healthier than catching the bus with smelly germy people!

I am so sorry for such a long blog post but I promise all this will help you recover! Its cheap and easy.. nothing worse than reading sites and finding the only thing that does the trick is remedies that cost a bomb and the nly way you can take them is by standing on your head and swallowing it by reciting the alphabet.. Anyway... Take care and bear off the colds!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Diets don't have to be dull!

Egg, feta cheese, mixed leaf salad, tomatoes, cucumber, wholemeal bread and low fat spread.

That lunch was epic! With a snack of strawberries at 3pm and Advanced spin class at 515 its fair to say I'm feeling pretty good and glowing right now!
The spin class reiterates my idea about gym vs road and I have never done a spin class at the student gym before.. we did bench press on the bikes and punches and jogging up! So much fun! I have never enjoyed a spin class so much! Up to gear 20 we went and it was hard but it was amazing! I felt invigorated and sweaty!
But, the one thing I enjoy about spin is going with someone and I use to go with mum so I really missed her today!
For dinner, I'm going for chilli con carne with... brace yourself... quorn mince!!! It tastes much better than I thought but it has nothing on the real thing! Anyway off I go to enjoy the food!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Feeling the Burn!

So yesterday I went to abs and aerobics. My first class in a while and being trained by an ex marine. Oh. Not the same person as my last class and boy was I paying the consequences for my lack of class catch up!
She was harsh and scary whats worse is in the aerobics studio there is a mirror in front of you.. You can't even avoid the amount of sweat you are dripping! It was hardcore struggle! But it hasn't deterred me! My next class is tomorrow - intermediate to advanced spin class which, I have to admit, I'm slightly nautious about. Then friday I have LBT I plan to fit in a run in the mean time, but I'm no sure about you the weather has been horrendous and there is no way I can run out in that! However, whenever I make the harsh decision that today is yet another day I can't run and so go to the gym.. The sun appears!!! Anyone care to explain what that's all about?!
Classes are a great way to get fit and keep up the stamina in between runs, it also helps keep the pounds away as much as running does too its a fun way of doing it.. Don't get me wrong I obviously adore running and sometimes it's the perfect thing to get rid of that stress and upset but equally I sometimes feel isolated and bored and there is nothing like a good class to perk you up! The change of music, the people, the motivator of an ex marine... pretty great if I'm honest! as much as I hate to admit!!!

Let me know your comments on gym vs road would love to know your thoughts!

Friday, 13 April 2012

"We may train or peak for a certain race, but running is a lifetime sport"

Alberto Salazar.

For the past two weeks I've been back at home. And although no posts have been written... I have trained the hardest that I have ever trained! Being back on the go has made me realise how much I love it!
Mum's the word. I've never understood this phrase until now.. Well I've interpreted it in my own way and it was only brought to my attention 2 weeks ago on Friday.. We went for a run on a nice summery morning, I have to admit I was apprehensive, having been out of practice and running with a woman with nothing but sheer determination and with a half marathon on her belt, I seriously believed there was no way I could keep up the stamina. But, although she is fast and made me realise that I may need to pick my pace up a bit, it has made me realise how much I have missed it. And running with other people isn't that hard..

I loved every second of it and it was my longest yet. 7K. I am now on target to complete a 10 in september, before that however, I have signed up to Race for Life in June so a cheeky ask if you could sponsor me.. its a brilliant charity, 2 people who are very close to me had cancer last year and both managed to beat it so i really do believe in it http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/sally-cross
there is the address to sponsor me please take the time out i would be really grateful and I will promise to keep you updated and help you on tips and ideas if its needed!

I also weighed myself this morning, its not much but I LOST A POUND! I haven't lost weight with meaning to for ages so am so pleased and I know this is only the beginning but I beg you on coming with me on this journey.. It will be fantastic! Thank you xxx

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Positive Thinking!

So.. First run after the horrendous disease that took over me last month... The biggest tip I can give anyone who has been out of running for a while is to give it your best shot and go easy on your body!

My run I hear you cry? Well, I did it at 12pm in the burning sun... And it was formidable! So beautiful! I decided if I'm doing this I am not going to make it a chore it is going to be beautiful so i went to But Park in Cardiff and did the park once round and ran home 36 mins it took me and worth every second!

The playlist I have on my Ipod is one my sister gave me and oh my goodness it is incredible! If you are seriously needing some motivation and need a reason to enjoy running, then search into Itunes or however you legally download music, make sure you check out movie soundtracks! They are epic and make you feel like you are constantly on the run.. Literally! It is the most fun to have as every track has no lyrics just the score and it is so epic when you are running through an enclosed tree area its just fantastic! I definatley recommend trying it and if you need any help with choosing tracks tweet me sally_cross and I will be happy to accomodate and find some tracks to suit your pace!

I'm hoping to go for another tomorrow in the afternoon/evening to give my body enough time to recooperate! If I do unlike most people who like to take time off, I want to add five minutes by doing a slightly longer route. Adding just that extra 5 minutes to a run can immensly improve your stamina even if its only twice a week!

Anyway bloggers keep checking for new posts and now that I am in high spirits we should be set to complete a 10k by the end of the year!

Thank you for your support love you all xxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bring Me Sunshine...

Ah the inevitable has happened. Spring! Who thought it would ever show up?! I feel as if I have just been waiting for years and yet after coming back from a beautiful walk by the river it was light all the way round and didn't start getting dark until 6.40pm what a brilliant end to the weekend! Although, I have to admit, it was the only brilliant part to the weekend!
The update on the running 'thing' is I have been given two inhalers so it looks as if the asthma has returned! So typical! I will get back on the running hopefully the end of this week start of next but for the time being I'm eating healthy and taking in that sun by going on gorgeous walks around Cardiff!
It's only just struck me though how much I miss running! I use to see it as just a useful exercise to loose wait but I forgot how much it releases my stress and anger and just gives me a chance to be me!
Seriously if you haven't hit the road yet get on it! It doesn't matter if you are not experienced at all you can just go for a short one.. Don't do it to loose weight see that as a benefit, do it for you! Do it for the amount of times you have wanted to scream or punch someone, do it for the amount of times you have been scared, or paranoid, release that tension, anger, upset! It just dissapears for the best part of an hour!
Want to know my favourite time to run? OK, you my find it weird but I love running when I have no motivation to go out for a run! When I am tired and see it as a chore! Because I come back and feel UNBELIEVABLE! It's incredible how just doing some exercise can boost your confidence or make you think actually you know what? I'm pretty amazing! Its the best you never regret it after that!

Salx xx

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Change!

Ok I've hit it. That brick wall! I am so motivated to go out and run but until this cold/chest infection/horrendous weezing decides to bugger off I am stuck! Even as I type I am coughing (one hand over mouth of course) I just want to get out there.. Feel the wind in my hair and the sweat on my brow!
I don't know about you but there is something highly satisfying about sweat! I know it means I have worked hard and that I am getting intense about it! The weather is getting so much better too and I am at my most stressed uni wise. All I want is a good run!
My body needs to recover now! I called this post the change as ironically the one before is called life = good! and now I'm stuck here wishing my immune system would cheer up!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Life = good

We must say a massive well done to everyone who did the St davids Day Run today. Mud, rain, sun and dogs! What a day! The biggest entry of people they have ever done and the organisation for that was brill!
I am gutted I could not run! the cold spread to the chest and gave me a chest infection! so sad for me as i trained and was soo ready to run my first 10k! BUT my sister the brilliant emily did it! what a fab result too! 52mins and 53secs her quickest time for a 10k and she even wore my t shirt for M.E which I was very pleased about as that money still meant that somebody ran so thanks to all who donated :D

I now have to prepare for another in september and i believe i can beat that time of mys sisters and will try and complete it in 50mins! so give me a couple of days to recover and i'll be back blogging full time and giving you all the info on running in september! watch this space here comes Sally!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

"I'm awful"

I normally write an inspirational quote as my heading but i have decided to berate myself instead!
The running? Oh fabulous thanks, the blogging? hmmm... not soo good!!! I would like to put it down to business but not really to be truthful!
I wish I had more motivaation. Any tips? I spend so much money on expensive books and plans but never follow them through.. but to be honest they are all just cons! All i really need to do is sit down and go. RIGHT CROSS GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND BLOG!!!! Anyway one said that you can'tberate yourself too much, life is half chance! If you really need some motivation then i suggest spending 79p is your limit by buying 'Everybody's Free (to wear sunscreen)' by Baz Lurhmann - Moulin Rouge fame! Great song, so inspirational and great to get you off your feet! if it's not your cup of tea.. the mamma mia soundtrack will equally do the trick ;)

So, for Lent I have decided to, no not give up running although it is very tempting at the moment, but give up swearing! I'm not a big swearer but I get angry at myself when I do swear as I think it is such a bad habit! Anyway, because it might be very subconcious every time i do swear during the 40 days and nights instead of just going 'oops' I'm going to donate a pound to a charity so at least its going somewhere worthwhile! a cheeky plug here but if you are doing something similar i am welcome to donations : http://www.justgiving.com/Sally-Cross

it will be worth it and I promise it will give you some sort of karma! If you have been waiting for that 'special someone' he is just around the corner! Thanks fellow runners!

Monday, 13 February 2012

"Every day is a good day when you run."

Kevin Nelson. I am sat in my room whilst writing this, sweaty as anything but completly buzzing! A run completed! First of the week and I have hesitated so much as to whether I should go for one and I did! First day and I did not dissappoint! So pleased with myself right now! But a lot of improvement is needed so I plan to run both tomorrow and wednesday to get a full extent out of this! I did 3 and a half miles in 34 mins which I am pleased with to say it is my first since recovering from this cold and I wasn't up for going!
I have less than a month for the big run and I know I am a lot fitter than I once was but I am not at my fittest I know I can perform better than this and I intend to! For me. No one else I want to achieve something and be able to say look what I did!
I'm going to train my ass off and hopefully the weight will drop off and I'll really start to notice the fitness increase! Anyway must dash, I need to shower and go out for my radio news! Such a busy life but well worth it!
Keep Running xx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

"Tough times don't last but tough people do."

A.C.Green. First day tomorrow, hoping the weather gets warmer so I can go out feeling good! I'm looking forward to it, but a little nervous so think I'll take it slow, especially if it is cold and I'm not eating as much as I normally do.. So here's hoping! I'm doing pilates and legs bums and tums too this week to mix it up too, I did them frequently before christmas but haven't since so kind of hoping I don't miss anything!
My goal is to loose at least a stone before next month or in a month, anyway before the easter break so I can go back and everyone think I look amazing! I love how it always seem to be based on other people's opinions, I should want to look good for me and yet I care what other people think, thats how I'll get my satisfaction!
What I'm most scared about tomorrow is losing will power and just giving up! I hope I stick with it and just decide It is going to work and all will be fine. I have to start back somewhere and this is it so please make sure everything goes ok!
Sorry this is a rubbish blog tonight! I don't know what to put! Apart from I'm planning to get an early night as its been a week of early mornings and late nights so hoping I resist the temptation to stay awake! Any remedies you can recommend to sleep? Hot milk seems to work but being a student it can be rather annoying using so much of it!
Anyway bloggers, I'm off and will let you know my progress with the run tomorrow... Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

“To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.”

Elbert Hubbard. I feel this is a good title for me at the moment. First things first, I missed a friday blog (boo)! BUT. The main issue I am currently facing is crap self esteem and zero will power. I have no respect for the condition my body is currently in. I need to lose weight and yet I sit there on my ass eating. I am my biggest criticism and I need to either stop shut the hell up and eat what the hell I like. OR do something about it! I always say that people who complain are those who never change the world.
Its true, How many people vote in elections? The majority who don't are the majority who get pissed off with the way the countries run! Ok, fair enough if you vote and it doesn't work in your favour, thats life for you though eh? But those who sit there, take advantage of the world they live in and those who take it for granted. Expecting the world to just keep turning, expecting litter not to affect it. What about the rest of us? Those who run for charities, for people we don't even know exist. Those who vote and just say oh well there is always next time not everyone is perfect, we all have our problems. How many of those problems do you mull over everyday? If I was to say I potentially moan every 50 times a day. Maybe more. But what the hell do I do? Buy and research spend hundreds of pounds on books telling me I can be thin. Surely its just common knowledge. Just eat well, excerise and live longer!
So here is my proposal. I, Sally Cross, will no longer sit on her arse wishing to be skinny, I will do 25 sit ups a day and build it up, I will eat salads and fish and low fat food that actually IS low fat, I will NOT be tempted to eat chocolate, and I will say everyday to myself, hey you know what you don't look too bad!
Anyone who wants to join this highly motivational and equally hard hitting message please get in touch! I promise this time I will actually go through with it!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

"Failure to Prepare, is Preparing to Fail"

So the 2nd day of my blog and I have a cough. This equals no running for me till monday which is a real pain as I really need to do some hardcore training! Just means I'll have to be extra dedicated next week! It is so cold here in Cardiff that I know it would not be worth the risk of doing it! I worry that the stress of it all will get to me as I want to do it bt also Uni work and socialising stops me from wanting to go out!
I'm hoping things calm down, but to be honest, even if they don't it's fine because it means that i have an even more valid reason to run! To stop stress would be pretty fab and I know that when I run I don't stress!
I'm not sure what it is whether it's the breeze, the pain in your legs taking over the thoughts in your head, the knowledge that you got out there and did it!
i've always said and stuck by the theory that the best time to run is when you are the most tired and unwilling! You become so surprised by the fact you did it and you start to feel good about yourself, pleased that you made the effort, the realisation that yes actually you can do something worthwhile, and you can still be in a bad mood! You don't need to just sit on the sofa thinking 'oh no i am too tired' lets just feel sorry for ourselves. Just think about it, as much as we dislike them.. do you think politicians come home from a day at the office thinking well that was long and everyone hates me so I just won't bother with it all from now on. (ok maybe some do) but the majority of people don't give up just because they are tired! You need to pick yourself up and go even if its just for ten minutes! Wheres the harm? apart from if you have an awful cough like me in which case I advise staying in and watching countless re-runs of Morecambe and Wise and Top Gear on Dave and I'm sure you'll be in tip top shape the next day!
Finally, a quick note to say, its ok to reply! I'm worried, and excited its my first big run and I'm starting to feel very low self esteem at the moment its normal I know but the knowledge that someone actually reads this thing would be much appreciated!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

"The Miracle isn't that I finished. It's that I had the courage to Start"

John Bingham said that. And he is utterly true. I know as much as anyone that willpower is something that should be congratulated! I'm one of those 'Yo-Yo Dieters' .. Each morning I wake up and say the same thing 'I'm going to be super healthy from now on' by the end of the day i have eaten chocolate.. however, the one thing I have and will intend to stick to forever is running! I love it! The clarity, the thoughts, the freedom! No one is in your way you can run for miles and miles and there is nothing anyone can say or do but be proud.
Next month - 4th of March to be precise I am attempting my first ever 10k. Every year I do 5ks for Race for Life and this year is a chance to start looking somewhere else. So I'm doing a 10K for Action for M.E. Call me mad but it will be worth it! I really want to show the world and my family and friends that I can stick to something! I want to be good at something and at one point I want to run a marathon!
So... The challenge - to keep up with this blog every day to tell you (if anyone) my progress even after I've collapsed and fainted from the 10K I will be in constant training to one day reach that stage and I want you guys to come along with me!
So Blog/tweet/facebook/email whatever, don't let me do this alone!
From a very worried, but keen runner
I'm off to start the game!!!